Now we talk about Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook online, he properly didn’t expect there would be so many users for a social media website. When Yahoo wanted to purchase the Facebook at a lower price, it didn’t expect Facebook would be worth several times price then the one they offered.


  1. Your customers are using it now

Facebook ranks No 1 social media in the world. By 2018, it estimated 2.7 billion people use Facebook and even 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. More users like to check the Facebook pages more than several times daily. Now, Facebook doesn’t set up a massive audience but a huge solid audience base, who use it as their routine everyday.


  1. You pay less compared other ads

Facebook ads reach the most people as you pay the least. It is able to reach 200 people who visits a small business website for $5 daily budget. You cannot spend this little money on newspaper, magazine, radio, cable or other social medias. It is really designed for the small business. Ads on Facebook are pretty friendly. Why? This is the third point we want to discuss.


  1. Your audience are special

When you launch a campaign on Facebook, the target goal is easy and exceptional. Facebook divides people into different groups by their interests, shopping behaviors, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages or location, which sounds like some survey. So Facebook is far ahead of other social medias. And it is their goal too. The audience in the ads campaign are likely to turn into your potential clients.


  1. You build your own group

Facebook allows you to build your business group via your friends, your acquaintances or other people you know. You can invite them into your own world and engage with them into the business group. The group could be open or close, private or public as you like. The most important is that you can apply your unique sale strategy to your small group and not let your competitors know like some new products or designs, or some good business ideas.