1. Big users base

Google, as the biggest search engine, has over 500 million monthly active users that upload 1.2 billion photo onto the service every day. By 2017, google has seven unique product with over one billion monthly active users each.

In a word, when you target certain product in Google, your product would be searched and seen by thousands of millions users. It is easier to turn these users into your potential buyers.  The marketing is huge.


2. Free search and trends

Google encourages the small business and a lot of google products are free to use. Yes, they are free. Google provides some special business service esp small business, like you can list your sandwich shop address in google map and when people who are close to your address search “sandwich shop near me”, then your shop will be listed on the page right away. It is the local business search service and they are all free.

People can track what products customers like recently, or what is the most popular gift in some certain festivals in Google’s trend. These search results are pretty accurate based on people’s online behavior. Google’s trend is free too.

Suppose you want to have a campaign in google ads, they would provide free google keyword planning relating to your business. If you want to know more about google ads and its campaign, you can visit our website and get free quote:


3. Extended Platform

Besides google ads showing in the searching engine, google’s business is served to other platforms such as Youtube, gmail etc.

Give you some numbers to check how many audience in Youtube, The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000. 300 hours (equals to 148,401.83 years) of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-old watch YouTube.

We can say almost adult using or watching Youtube nowadays who can fill in all the stadiums of America. So there is the huge marketing for your products more than other platforms.

So is the gmail. Gmail, since its alive, has become No 1 email address for people to use.

Google indeed creates a unique and huge marketing place for the business and their clients.