Instagram should be considered the newest and the most popular social media right now. It came from nobody to be famous overnight. The growing speed reminds people of the creation of Facebook or Twitter years ago.


  1. Go visual

Showing images is the biggest sale point in Instagram. Unlike other traditional social medias, Instagram uploads the images to communicate and to share like the storyboards, which is more direct to show the content than the words. People accepts products more visually. Simply, audience spend less time to read your content but more impressive in their mind.


  1. Go straight to users

Based on 1 billion active users, Instagram ads grow faster than other social medias. Its engagement rate is around 4 point, 58 times higher than Facebook or Google. Such high engagement rate makes Instagram more successful and better than other similar product like Pinterest, although which was earlier than Instagram.


  1. Go Facebook connected

That Facebook purchased Instagram earlier makes two social medias closer in the business. It means the user can log in Instagram account with Facebook account directly, no extra login processes. And their campaign pages are almost identical. The people who get familiar with Facebook are easily to accept Instagram too esp the younger generations.


  1. Go non-intrusive

A lot of online ads are annoying like some email marketing and users set them as junk emails or delete right away because the email is a private information and ads emails attack personal belongs as spams. So the best solution is to make ads non-intrusive.

Since ads on Instagram as images or videos, they are contributed to the display ads, which make no difference from the personal content. Spending 5 seconds to glance at them doesn’t disturb audience. If they feel attracted in the hilarious ads,  they would finish watching whole ads or subscribe them.