Yelp combines kind of search engine and kind of service together. It more looks like a whitepage service.

  1. Location distinguished

Yelp searches the businesses by location, just location. The unique design makes business into a lifestyle of the local folk. It narrows down the search for a newer to search by their location for a business trip or a recent moving. Google might range too wide. Yelp is perfect to fill it up.


2. Small business friendly

Finding local businesses in town is easy for the users. Vise Versa, small businesses like to post their information on Yelp too. Yelp has the second feature to categorize all the business into different functions. Your business is a landscape company, then Yelp has listed this category for your business. The functional service catches to clients’ eye.


3. Reviews talk

Most users from Yelp prefer to reading the reviews about the business they are interested, some of which attach with a lot of photos from the experienced customers. No matter how wonderful a business is, reviews weigh beyond anything on Yelp. But who usually bring the reviews? Traffic and your clients. More businesses you have, more reviews you would get. A small business would get 1 review from 5 their customers averagely. Reviews talks.


4. Call to action

Yelp leaves enough page and room for the small business. Why did we mention it look like the  white page? This is the reason. Yelp actually gives a whole page for your business including your location, phone number, website, photos and reviews. Regarding to your business, they provides the call to action service. Customers can book services from Yelp to your business, also we say it ‘Call to action’. Or customers leave a message to your business on Yelp not visit to your website.  Small business could reply to clients or respond customers’ feedback as well.  It is efficient for both sides.